Happy New Year from the BitTorrent Team!

From everyone on the BitTorrent team, we wish you a Happy New Year! May 2022 bring you health, happiness and success. 

Our team is already hard at work on exciting new product initiatives and features. We have listened to your feedback and are prioritizing the next set of features and enhancements for our desktop and web products. With an eye on expanding the functionality to our token – BTT – the coming year will be dedicated to new use cases and a more seamless integration of the BTT token as a unit of value within our existing products.

With BitTorrent Speed, users will have more control of how they leverage BTT for faster download speeds, with the aim to drive a healthier BitTorrent protocol overall. We will also add more ways to get BTT, including purchasing with fiat in select regions, as well as offering a directory of merchants that accept BTT worldwide, so you know where it can be redeemed for real merchandise and services. 

With respect to our web and desktop torrent applications, we plan to simplify the torrenting experience, making it easier than ever to stream and download torrents for both new and experienced users. We have expanded our Customer Support team and will be upgrading our support efforts, including help topics, FAQs and general support across our torrent products and BTT token initiatives. We will continue to improve the scalability of our live streaming protocol to deliver fast, efficient streams and to improve the video playback experience. 

BitTorrent is the biggest, fastest, and most reliable distributed network in the world. We look forward to updating you further as these initiatives come to fruition and the network becomes even better. Please check back in the coming weeks and months for exciting announcements and news. 

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