BitTorrent Weekly Report | 09.19–09.25

BTT Market Trading

Secondary Market

Market cap and trading volume: The market cap of BTT was $0.73 billion in the past week and the total trading volume was $0.15 billion.

Price: In the past week, BTT opened at $0.0000007902 and peaked at $0.0000008056 with 1.95% increase.

BTT Core Data

Real-time BTT accounts: 183974

Overall number of BTT transactions: 1124617 1140206

New BTT transactions this week: 15589

Community Update

1. BTT was voted as the most popular storage ranking project on CoinMarketleague.

BitTorrent Products


1. The number of BitTorrent Twitter followers is now over 652K. This week’s tweets received 10K Likes, 13% Engagement Rate, and 203K Impressions.

BitTorrent Chain

1. 60.2% of 990 Billion BTTOLD has been burned.


1. According to statistics on BTFS SCAN, by Sept 21, the number of total miners on BTFS passed the 4.89 million mark; that of super miners exceeded 3.17 million; the number of active super miners exceeded 1.50 million; the total number of contracts on BTFS is 82 million; Total vault contracts on BTFS exceeded 1.93 million. The top three countries with the most miners are as follows: the U.S.: 323,279; Germany: 296,793; Japan: 156,794.

2. BTFS V2.3.0 is in development.

BitTorrent Speed

1. According to statistics on BTFS SCAN by Sept 21, the total number of created wallets is over 362M, and 4.09M have active accounts on the TRON chain. We airdropped more than 8.9M BTTOLD to unique wallets.

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