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By Scott McDonald
3.4 Million Tune into The Crash Reel Bundle

As Sochi unfolds, the snowboarding documentary about the cost of x-competition raises consciousness – and questions. The Winter Olympics just started. For over twenty years, market research has placed bets on its decline. Studies show kids don’t care about the Games. To win them back, the International Olympic Committee has increasingly pushed an agenda of…


Erik Pounds Appointed VP of Product Management for BitTorrent Sync

Our mission at BitTorrent, Inc. is to use distributed technology to build a better Internet. Achieving this requires commitment, creativity, and world-class talent. BitTorrent technologies don’t rely on centralized servers. This has become a profound differentiator; particularly within the Sync and Share marketplace, where issues of send limits and surveillance have emerged as serious user…


Staff Picks: Kevin Blaine

Staff Picks is dedicated to surfacing the best music, film, and art downloads on the Internet; digitally handmade by BitTorrent Publishers. Read on for this week’s finds. In this week’s Staff Picks: new music from Kevin Blaine – songwriter, musician, and pug-lover. Kevin has been writing songs since the age of 13, when his godfather…


Friday Download: Tourist – Placid Acid

Friday Download is dedicated to curating the best download-able objects on the web, courtesy of BitTorrent Bundle for Publishers In this week’s Friday Download: The debut EP from Will Phillips, a London-based producer known as Tourist. Formerly, Phillips went by the moniker Little Loud, and grew a following by creating remixes for the talented faces…


How Stuff Gets Made: BitTorrent’s December Hackathon

On Monday, we’ll begin another round of our bi-monthly Palooza (BitTorrent’s two day hackathon). So, we decided to take some time to reflect on the last one we had. If you’ve been keeping up with us, you already know that Palooza is the foundation to BitTorrent’s bottom-up innovation. It’s where BitTorrent Sync and BitTorrent Chat…


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