Staff Picks
Bundle Staff Picks: July 2015 Edition

From Mr. Carmack to MT. OSSA: 30 days in 10 downloads.


Staff Picks: Remix Jamie Lidell’s “Believe in Me”

The soul experimentalist shares the stems for his new track with producers and fans. Jamie Lidell’s work spans kinetic funk and deconstructed R&B; an always electric and often raw sonic trip. In March, Lidell released “Believe In Me,” his second new track since 2013’s self-titled LP. “It’s an honest admission of self-doubt,” said Lidell. “I even…


Staff Picks: The Onion Video Archive

A five-video collection of hard-hitting journalism, courtesy of America’s Finest News Network.


Staff Picks: FilmBuff African-American Documentary Collection

Four acclaimed filmmakers explore the African-American experience, through community, music, and art.


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