Staff Picks: FilmBuff Rock Documentary Collection


4 acclaimed music docs. 4 ways to support artists directly.

Staff Picks: The Internet’s Own Boy


Watch the Aaron Swartz documentary, plus 4 other hactivist docs, curated by FilmBuff.

Staff Picks: The FilmBuff Documentary Collection


16 acclaimed films from the independent distributor. Now playing on BitTorrent Bundle.

BitTorrent Celebrates Ten Years of Boysnoize Records


Grab the BNR10YR Bundle. Five hours of music representing 3,650 days of Boysnoize Records.

Staff Picks: Best of Bundle, Jan 2015 Edition


How we rang in the new year, in five download-able objects.

Staff Picks: Fait Accompli


The punk trio from down under brings their new single ‘False Flags’ to BitTorrent Bundle.

Staff Picks: Jurassic 5


The legendary hip-hop co-op brings their first single in eight years to BitTorrent Bundle.

Staff Picks: The Service Company


A year-end compilation to power your New Year’s Eve playlist from The Service Company.

Asking Alexandria’s Live From Brixton and Beyond Bundle is Available Now


The UK metal act’s new BitTorrent Bundle features hours of live concert video, behind-the-scenes footage, music videos and extras. After a year of touring around the globe, Asking Alexandria is wrapping up 2014 with their debut live DVD release Live From Brixton and Beyond, available today on Sumerian Records on BitTorrent Bundle. Filmed at the…

Vinyl Williams and Chaz Bundick: Trance Zen Dental Spa


EP as installation, in an audiovisual project that explores the architecture of listening.

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