Friday Download: Death Cab For Cutie


In this week’s Friday Download: a decade’s worth of live shows and bittersweet melodies from Death Cab for Cutie, preserved by the dedicated curatorial team over at Set list after the jump. Friday Download: Death Cab For Cutie 1. Emo’s / Austin, Texas / 2001 2. Kamp / Bielefeld, Germany / 2006 3. 80-35…


The BitTorrent Bundle Alpha: A Direct-to-Fan Collaboration With Ultra Music


Ultra is a label that has changed the landscape and creative culture of music. Today, we’re working with them to do it again. Over the years, Ultra has been the home of, and catalyst for, artists like Kaskade, David Guetta, Tiesto, deadmau5, and Calvin Harris, among others. In 2013, starting now, they’ll be the first label…

Reports Of Our Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated


Like many of you, we’ve been following Netflix with great interest. We are subscribers. We are fans. We believe in the work that they are doing. And we support their effort to innovate and evolve digital distribution, in ways that are sustainable for creators, other rights-holders and fans. That said, we were surprised by some…


Friday Download: Meat Puppets


In this week’s FDL: three live shows from the Arizona punk luminaries. This is the evolution of a great American band, recorded and perserved by the intrepid curatorial team over at Happy Friday, people. Friday Download: Meat Puppets 1. UCSB / Santa Barbara, CA / 1988 2. Velvet Slego / Rimini, Italy / 1992…

BitTorrent Sessions: Just Blaze


[youtube=] In March, we got the chance to catch up with some creators, change-makers, and heroes of the free world at SXSW. Our intrepid film crew (Jeph, Danimal) captured the conversations so we could share them with you. Herewith: a series of small talks about big things. In this week’s edition: words with Just Blaze,…

The Deleted City: BitTorrent As Archives


[vimeo 41777233 w=570&h=370] One of the really interesting uses for BitTorrent is archiving content. If a few people think a thing is important enough to keep seeding it, it will always be available to anyone who wants it. The people who are seeding can come and go. As long as there’s one person who’s holding…


Friday Download: Tegan And Sara


In this edition of FDL: Tegan and Sara. Three live shows from the road, circa 2013. Instant heartbreak and happy, kept in common by the dedicated preservationists over at Have an epic weekend, all. Friday Download: Tegan and Sara 1. The LC / Columbus, Ohio / 2013 2. Dinwoodie Lounge / Edmonton, Alberta /…

BitTorrent Sessions: Watch The Duck


[youtube=] Our intrepid film crew (Jeph, Danimal) captured the conversations so we could share them with you. Herewith: a series of small talks about big things. In this week’s installment: avian mutants and genre mutations with acclaimed trapstep group Watch the Duck. “Everybody sees the duck traveling smoothly on top of the water but nobody…

The BitTorrent Acceleration Program: Supporting Startups


Brave inventors, intrepid tinkerers, awesome doers, and startups everywhere: we’ve got a job for you. Over the course of the past few months, we’ve been busy in the Lab. We’ve been hard at work on a solution for personal file management; opening up an Alpha version of BitTorrent Sync. We’ve been looking at ways to…


Arthur Newman Preview Debuts On BitTorrent


Who is Arthur Newman? The answer is not who you think. Arthur Newman was one of the most talked-about films at this year’s Toronto Film Festival. Starring Colin Firth and Emily Blunt, it’s the story of a man who fakes his death to reclaim his life. Wallace Avery (Firth) is a disappointment: a washed up…


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