BitTorrent 7.11.0 For Windows (build 46555)

November 22, 2022
  • Released chromium edge embedded webview support
  • Includes enhancements to improve torrent swarm health
  • Makes more peers and seeds available to more BitTorrent community users

BitTorrent 7.10.5 For Windows (build 45785)

September 01, 2020
  • Update btfs install prompt dialog
  • refactoring and overhaul the drawing link text code
  • Integrate smart inclient torrent search
  • Change tab Speed to tab Graph
  • Add new search onboarding
  • Bug fixes

BitTorrent 7.10.5 For Windows (build 45665)

July 01, 2020
  • Fix crash when adding magnet link
  • Avoid crash when checking torrent using data structure not fully initialized
  • Avoid crash by range-checking _advanced_selection before use in indexing _advanced_settings
  • fix thread list leak

BitTorrent 7.10.5 For Windows (build 45496)

January 17, 2020
  • Mute/unmute TronTV on minimize/restore
  • Fix rollout percentage calculation
  • Cleanup extra unchoke slot logic

BitTorrent 7.10.5 For Windows (build 45272)

July 23, 2019
  • Add globe icon for language selection in status bar
  • Default the client’s language to the OS’s language
  • Fix bug preventing default values for primary/secondary DNS settings from being restored
  • Avoid crash in some cases of allowing encrypted incoming peer connections

BitTorrent 7.10.4 For Windows (build 44633)

October 08, 2018

– Fix config remote hang

– Adding torrents by magnet links and hashes now updates statistic of number of torrents added

– Change remote Registration Failure dialog from Yes/No to OK

– Remove Pro-only “Show Converted Files” choice from menu in non PRO product

– Fix crash parsing magnet links

– Update the toolbar icons

– Fix crash causes by inconsistent string settings

– Clear the setting that potentially causing crash

BitTorrent 7.10.3 For Windows (build 44429)

May 22, 2018

– Prevent IEFrames from raising password dialogs

BitTorrent 7.10.3 For Windows (build 44359)

February 23, 2018

– Use proper device pairing password when updating device info graphic
– Point Remote “Learn More” link to better URL
– Disable localhost/search lookup when making searches. Do not rely on the localhost port-10k discoverability
– Use a CRNG as a WebUI token source
– Require device/service pairing or standard webui authentication for the /proxy endpoint
– Sanity check Host header on HTTP requests
– Remove automatic discoverability feature over port 10000. The setting net.discoverable no longer exists.
– WebUI action getsettings is only allowed for fully authenticated user (not guest)
– Fix crash when sending malformed requests to /fileserve
– Fix forced re-install mode when same version is already installed
– Set uninstaller prompt dialog title
– Remove Nexway cart URLs
– License key information is no longer exposed via WebUI

BitTorrent 7.10.0 For Windows (build 43917)

June 28, 2017

– Update AV download/update URL for Pro
– Hide tabs for “My Pro Account” page
– Warn user before attempting to launch files with masked extensions

BitTorrent 7.10.0 For Windows (build 43581)

April 05, 2017

– Bump version to 7.10.0
– Fix a bug that could have caused the webui to set an invalid port
– Update uTorrent Pro Antivirus integration.
– Remove old OpenCandy integration code
– Introduce a new uTorrent Pro payments partner: Nexway
– Fix broken in-client pro info page. Reachable via Help ->My Pro Account
– Fix bug that would cause Ad audio to incorrectly play when user is not using the client
– Allow muting of ad sound when moving mouse outside of Ad window
– Fix potential crash when activating a uTorrent Pro license
– Disable the ‘Install Teredo” button on Win 7 and higher. We no longer support Teredo on these systems
– Fix a potential XSS when attempting to pair remotely to a running client instance
– Fix memory leak when activating a uTorrent Pro key
– Fix a bug in the WebHelper process that would cause it to crash repeatedly
– Fix a connection handling bug that would cause torrents with webseeds to stall while downloading
– Fix a statusbar updating bug when a torrent with webseed peers would forcibly disconnect
– Add missing support for Windows 8 internal version checking
– Fix a DHT bug that would cause uTorrent to count and prioritize IPv6 IPs improperly
– Fix an onboarding bug that sometimes allowed the tooltip to persist even if uTorrent was minimized
– Add better handling and error reporting for activation server errors

BitTorrent 7.9.9 For Windows (build 43296)

January 30, 2017

– Fix a bug where users renewing pro key were not seeing renewal until grace period ended
– Display appropriate error messages for pro activation errors
– Fix pro player shown on top of the onboarding
– Update broken second-step for Pro onboarding
– Fix a bug where sometimes the pro player controls were floating upon client minimize

BitTorrent 7.9.9 For Windows (build 43086)

December 19, 2016

– Add missing Preferences->Directories checkbox to allow move target based on label.
– Fix a bug that prevented the torrent file move directory from being set independently of the torrent contents move directory.
– Fix security issue with the client pairing mechanism. Thank you to Simon Zuckerbraun – Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative for reporting.
– Fix bug that allowed primary labels with invalid characters to be used with torrent move feature

BitTorrent 7.9.9 For Windows (build 42974)

December 19, 2016

– Fix the naming of the WebHelper process (utorrentie.exe, bittorrentie.exe)

BitTorrent 7.9.9 For Windows (build 42924)

December 19, 2016

– Fixed rare crash that occurs while trying to retrieve torrent state
– Fixed a bug that would prevent Pro users from downgrading their license type
– Removed old BT Labs link from the help menu
– Restore default first startup view to the torrent list view

BitTorrent 7.9.8 for Windows (build 42446)

December 19, 2016

– Improvements for how resources are used by advertisements
– Additional on-boarding for new users.
– BitTorrent Bundles has become BitTorrent Now
– Ads can no longer generate pop ups or download content to disk.
– DHT update (BEP44)
– Bug fixes and stability improvements.

BitTorrent 7.9.7 for Windows (build 42331)

December 19, 2016

– Do not allow adding single file torrent from webinterface to uTorrent root directory (Security fix)
– Fix regression: move torrent after completion
– Fix potential crash when automatically restoring node selection
– Fix IE frame related crashes
– Mechanism to limit the resources used by Advertisement
– Fix a potential crash in .btsearch parsing

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