BitTorrent DNA

BitTorrent Delivery Network Accelerator (DNA)

BitTorrent DNA is a disruptively effective content delivery technology. It significantly reduces bandwidth costs for popular files while dramatically improving the performance and scalability of websites. BitTorrent DNA enables websites to seamlessly add the speed and efficiency of patented BitTorrent technology to their current content delivery infrastructure, requiring no changes to their current Content Delivery Network (CDN) or hardware in the origin infrastructure. Businesses can benefit from the efficiencies of peer-assisted content delivery while improving the end-user experience.

BitTorrent DNA is a content delivery service that uses a private and secure managed peer network to give you faster and more reliable access to your favorite websites and videos. BitTorrent DNA is faster because it delivers downloads to you from multiple, nearby sources in parallel. As you download (and for a limited time afterward), your network connection is used to deliver the content you download to others. Your connection is used only when it is idle; so, your internet performance is never slowed.

BitTorrent DNA powers faster and more reliable downloads of high quality content over the internet by retrieving each object piecemeal from multiple sources, including from the computers of others who have already downloaded it. This helps greatly in the delivery of both downloaded files (e.g. games or software updates) as well as in the delivery of streamed video or audio.

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