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By Scott McDonald
We Are Explorers: Cut/Copy Releases 3D-Printed Video Bundle

Cut/Copy’s new video, directed by Masa Kawamura, Qanta Shimizu, and Aramique Krauthamer, marks the start of a participatory 3D-printed narrative. Cut/Copy’s Free Your Mind is a Summer of Love record: rooted in the rise of 60s psychedelia; inspired by the birth of 80s rave. It’s about open-eyed, wild-eyed experimentation. And it reminds us of a…


The BitTorrent Engineering Team: Building Faster Releases

3.4 is an exciting release for the uTorrent team. 3.4 is the first version to include a major change in the way that uTorrent works. Want all the technical details? Read on or check out the original post on our Engineering Blog.


Digital Music: We’re Doing It Wrong

What should the Internet sound like? Last Friday, De La Soul did hip hop fans everywhere a solid. To mark the group’s 25th anniversary, they made their entire catalog available for free download. Digital access historically has been an issue for the group. They have a place in the Library of Congress, but not in…


How to Build a Great Product: 5 Lessons from BitTorrent’s Mobile Team

It’s 10:45am, and the Mobile team is gathered in their daily standup. At the center of the conversation is a scrum board covered in tasks, and the team’s dashboard (a large TV). Usually, the TV displays mobile stats. Today, it’s an image Rebecca Chu, a Sr. Visual Designer, put together with the new mobile app…


Introducing BitTorrent Android V2, and Bundle-Integrated BitTorrent Software

BitTorrent for Android adds new features and reaches 50 million installs. Back home on your PC, BitTorrent desktop apps, including µTorrent 3.4, add Bundle integration and set the stage for  faster updates In May 2012, we introduced BitTorrent mobile apps. A lot’s happened in less than two years. Today, we’re happy to unveil a whole…


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