Plain White T’s X BitTorrent: 5 Days Until The Giving Tree Video Premiere


Plain White T’s just announced new tour dates. You can see them here. And one week from today, you’ll be able to see them right here. The band is premiering their new video, The Giving Tree, as a BitTorrent Bundle. The song about love lost became singer/guitarist Tim Lopez’s passion project. A chance encounter with…


Moby X BitTorrent: Unlock and Remix Innocents


On September 30th, Moby released innocents: his 11th studio album, and maybe, his most personal. A lo-fi, melodic meditation on vulnerability, it’s the record that he wanted to make. What you make of it is up to you. Today, we’re sharing the entire stem catalog from innocents as a BitTorrent Bundle. Download the Bundle, and…


Maybe You Saw The Signs


Maybe you saw the signs. The Internet should be regulated. Photo via Animal New York. Artists need to play by the rules. And your data should belong to the NSA. These statements represent an assault on freedom. They also, for the most part, represent attitudes Internet culture has accepted. Chips we’ve traded for convenience. Part…


Friday Download: Overturn


Last month, we announced BitTorrent Bundle for Publishers: a new platform that makes direct-to-fan distribution easy. We invited creators around the world to sign up. Now, we’re excited to present some of the killer content our alpha users are releasing. In this week’s Friday Download, we have The Overturn Bundle: the first Bundle out of…

Publish 101: What’s a BitTorrent Bundle, Anyways?


Just a few days ago, we opened up BitTorrent Bundle to our first wave of artist collaborations. (Welcome, guys!) This project marks the start of something big: digital publishing by, and for, the people. But it also marks the culmination of a lot of work out there, online. For over a year, we’ve been partnering…


Marc Eckō: Building Your Brand On BitTorrrent


Marc Eckō started out with a sketchbook. He got into business with a can of spray paint. He once tagged Air Force One (or at least: it looked that way). And today, he’s the man behind a billion dollar lifestyle empire: eckō unltd. and Complex media. Making a book was an awesome experience, but you…

Now in Labs: Building Secure, Server-less Messaging With BitTorrent Chat


This year alone, more than 6 million people have been impacted by data breaches. The right to own your own conversations online: it’s not a given. It should be. So over at Labs, we’re working on something that could solve for conversation security. BitTorrent Chat applies distributed technology to the idea of IM. Our goal…

Friday Download: Must Watch Classic Comedies


The American Film Institute released a list of the top 100 comedies of all time. In this week’s FDL: two of our favorites. Both screwballs: Guy meets girl, fast-paced repartee ensues. Not familiar with the genre? Well, we’re about to give you a crash course. His Girl Friday sits at number 19 on AFI’s list…

secretprojectrevolution: Download the BitTorrent Bundle


For the past 48 hours, we’ve been bringing revolution to the streets. Madonna and Steven Klein’s new film, secretprojectrevolution, is an honest, raw look at human rights, circa now: a protest against censorship and complacency, and a call to action. The film debuted as flash projections in cities around the world. And now, it’s free…

Now Live: BitTorrent Bundle for Publishers (Closed Alpha)


Cinedigm, Gravitas Ventures, FADER, The Collective, Topspin, Interloper Films, Converge Studios, and Tim Ferriss onboard as launch partners for the closed Alpha. [youtube=] The Internet has powered a creative revolution: a world where any of us – a world where all of us – can post and share our work. The old rules about art…

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