Download the Revolution: Madonna X Steven Klein’s New Film Project, Free for All on BitTorrent


For the past 48 hours, we’ve been bringing revolution to the streets. Madonna and Steven Klein’s new film, secretprojectrevolution, is an honest, raw look at human rights, circa now: a protest against censorship and complacency, and a call to action. The film debuted as flash projections in cities around the world. And now, it’s free…

BitTorrent X Berklee: Building the Internet’s Music Classroom


Elite ed shifts from the Ivy League to the Internet There’s a tsunami coming. At least, that’s what John Hennesy, president of Stanford and “godfather of the Silicon Valley”, has to say about traditional education as we know it. The problem’s clear: elite schools run on a limited supply model. Classroom resources have historically been…


Friday Download: Ryan Adams


Similar artists: Josh Ritter, Wilco, Bob Dylan, The Jayhawks, Johnny Cash “When you’re young, you get sad,” Ryan Adams croons in a song from his critically-acclaimed album, Heartbreaker. Yeah, that checks out. In this week’s Friday Download we have alternative country, singer-songwriter Ryan Adams. Not to be confused with Bryan Adams. Seriously, not to be…

Build an Audience Like a Rockstar: How Linkin Park and Open Labs Used BitTorrent to Increase Music Software Sales by 200%


The tools make the man, we’re told. But when it comes to musicianship, those tools can be hard to come by. Production and songwriting software is costly and complicated. That’s a discouraging / deadly combination if you’re just getting started. Artists need more options. And access to smarter tools can help coach and sustain creativity’s…

The BitTorrent Interview: Jaehee Lee


BitTorrent is a company made up of inventors, engineers, scientists, designers; makers and breakers of technology. The BitTorrent Interview is an introduction to the people of peer-to-peer: notes from the edge of distributed technology, and a few words from the team we’re lucky enough to call our own. In this week’s edition: Building a great…

The Revolution Will be Distributed: Madonna’s Art For Freedom Project to Launch on BitTorrent


The right to free speech. The right to open expression. The right to access, and experience. We live in a world where basic freedoms are being deleted. As artists and engineers; as human beings, we have a choice. An obligation to stand against persecution. An obligation to stand up for openness. Madonna’s new film, secretprojectrevolution,…

Friday Download: Elliott Smith


For fans of Colin Meloy, Bright Eyes, Bob Dylan, Iron & Wine, Okkervil River, M. Ward In today’s Friday Download, we have music from Elliott Smith: The widely-celebrated folk-punk singer with a huge cult following. Beloved by fellow artists, his songs fill the soundtracks of critically-acclaimed films: Good Will Hunting, American Beauty and The Royal…

Coming Sept 24: BitTorrent Bundle for Publishers Closed Alpha


In May, we started up an Alpha project for the creative community called BitTorrent Bundle. In partnership with artists, labels, and studios, we wanted to build a smarter digital distribution system. One where your content belongs to you. One where songs can also be storefronts. One where media becomes more valuable, the more it’s shared….

The 4-Hour Chef: Download the Full Audiobook, Free On BitTorrent


What’s the value of a free read? Last November, we partnered with best-selling author Tim Ferriss to find out. We handed out sections and drafts from his new book, The 4-Hour Chef, to BitTorrent fans. In turn, 880 thousand of them checked out the hardcover on Amazon. And 2012’s boycotted book about meta-learning hit 2013’s…

Friday Download: Young Roddy X Curren$y | Bales


In this edition of FDL: on the road with Young Roddy. Download the torrent, and unlock the new Roddy X Curren$y mixtape, Bales, plus tour art, the I Kno What I’m Doin music video, and new footage from the Red Eye doc. Grab it here. The torrent will instantly download – just drag it into…

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