The Act of Killing BitTorrent Bundle Reaches 3.5 Million Downloads

The Oscar-nominated BitTorrent Bundle film inspires a global movement. The Act of Killing addresses an act of genocide largely unknown in the West, and unacknowledged at home, in Indonesia. Our collective amnesia is the true legacy of dictatorship. This film challenges a regime to remember a 1965 massacre. What happens next is unforgettable.


New Features for Publishers: Get Your Stats, Embed Your Bundle

Hey Publishers! A little while back, the BitTorrent Bundle team began testing out a couple of our most requested features. Now, we’re ready to start rolling them out to all of our alpha users. The rundown: You’ll now be able to embed your Bundle in your blog or website and get stats about your Bundle…


Friday Download: Soccer City

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is right around the corner. To get you prepped and thoroughly amped, download a movie made for and out of the love of soccer. In this week’s Friday download: A film about race, class, poverty, faith, hope- and above all else – soccer. The film takes place in Alexandra,…


The BitTorrent Report, 2013 Edition

Moby’s innocents Bundle is the Internet’s most downloaded torrent, and other true stories from BitTorrent in 2013. 2013 will go down as the year of twerk; Buzzfeed-ification and binge-viewing. Bear with us: this changes everything about art. Really. And here’s why.


Closing the Open Internet: Permission and Payola

Twenty years of open access has allowed us to build the Internet into a powerful economic engine; a platform for the free exchange of information and ideas. Striking down protection of that open access is a major threat to innovation, free speech, and the Internet as we know it. A closed Internet is unproven. There…


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