Friday Download: Ryan Adams

Similar artists: Josh Ritter, Wilco, Bob Dylan, The Jayhawks, Johnny Cash “When you’re young, you get sad,” Ryan Adams croons in a song from his critically-acclaimed album, Heartbreaker. Yeah, that checks out. In this week’s Friday Download we have alternative country, singer-songwriter Ryan Adams. Not to be confused with Bryan Adams. Seriously, not to be…


Build an Audience Like a Rockstar: How Linkin Park and Open Labs Used BitTorrent to Increase Music Software Sales by 200%

The tools make the man, we’re told. But when it comes to musicianship, those tools can be hard to come by. Production and songwriting software is costly and complicated. That’s a discouraging / deadly combination if you’re just getting started. Artists need more options. And access to smarter tools can help coach and sustain creativity’s…


The BitTorrent Interview: Jaehee Lee

BitTorrent is a company made up of inventors, engineers, scientists, designers; makers and breakers of technology. The BitTorrent Interview is an introduction to the people of peer-to-peer: notes from the edge of distributed technology, and a few words from the team we’re lucky enough to call our own. In this week’s edition: Building a great…


The Revolution Will be Distributed: Madonna’s Art For Freedom Project to Launch on BitTorrent

The right to free speech. The right to open expression. The right to access, and experience. We live in a world where basic freedoms are being deleted. As artists and engineers; as human beings, we have a choice. An obligation to stand against persecution. An obligation to stand up for openness. Madonna’s new film, secretprojectrevolution,…


Friday Download: Elliott Smith

For fans of Colin Meloy, Bright Eyes, Bob Dylan, Iron & Wine, Okkervil River, M. Ward In today’s Friday Download, we have music from Elliott Smith: The widely-celebrated folk-punk singer with a huge cult following. Beloved by fellow artists, his songs fill the soundtracks of critically-acclaimed films: Good Will Hunting, American Beauty and The Royal…


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