DCIA P2P & Cloud Media Summit in Review


Last week BitTorrent participated in the first ever P2P & CLOUD MEDIA SUMMIT held in conjunction with Digital Hollywood 2010. The aim of the summit was to explore current policy, technology, and content issues as well as next-generation business opportunities related to P2P and cloud based commercial offerings. My presentation titled “The Glass Half Full:…


The impact of the ‘third way’ on the information highway


“One of the Internet’s greatest strengths–its unprecedented power to foster technological, economic, and social innovation–stems in significant part from the absence of any central controlling authority, either public or private. The FCC’s role, therefore should not involve regulating the Internet itself.” – FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, May 6, 2010 This week’s announcement from FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski…


The day Net Neutrality died?


Well probably not. At least hopefully not. As Louis D. Brandeis remarked: “Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman. ” And so it remains…  With today’s decision from the DC Circuit Court of Appeals on…


Twitter using BitTorrent on the Backend


Anyone who has the battle scars that come from managing a large operational set of computers, like a large popular web site, knows all too well the challenge of deploying a new image site-wide.  Often times, this needs to happen fast (think emergency patch) and as with so many other applications on the network, the traditional client-server model…


Point-Click-Wait or Point-Click-Watch… Will Streaming Break BitTorrent?


The work we are currently doing to bring streaming to our popular µTorrent freeware has the potential to bring transformational improvements to the user experience for BitTorrent users. But its not without at least a little controversy, which I’d like to discuss in this post. Roughly speaking, the controversy falls into two different areas: (1)   …


Testing µTP – is µTP actually faster than regular BitTorrent?


Recent coverage of uTP on the popular Torrentfreak blog yielded some interesting feedback in the comments section. There are a couple of misconceptions that I’d like to address here: First is the idea that we designed uTP *for* the ISPs. It was not. While we think there are substantial advantages for ISPs in the broad…


Visualizing µTP


We’ve spent a lot of time in recent posts talking about the benefits of µTP.  We’ve even talked a little bit about how it works here, though much more so in the various technical forums for the community.  But sometimes a picture is worth 2^^10 words and I think the graph below says it best. …


The Internet Civil Rights Act of 2009


I was recently invited to participate in a workshop sponsored by the GIIC, an organization of telecom and technology executives who ponder large scale Internet and information infrastructure questions.   The purpose of this workshop was to consider changes to the Internet infrastructure that would allow cost transparency, an upgrade to the Internet platform that could…


Net Neutrality (CRTC-style)


In light of the FCC’s recently proposed rulemaking around Network Neutrality, many of you might have missed a similarly lively debate in Canada a few weeks back around the traffic management practices of Canadian ISPs. Over a week of public hearings, there were some astonishing revelations around the practice of throttling BitTorrent and other P2P…


BitTorrent is …


This is the first post of our new blog from employees at BitTorrent, Inc. Our intent is to inform and participate in ongoing discussions about BitTorrent, but also to broaden those discussions to other topics that we find interesting and exciting. BitTorrent-the-company The word “BitTorrent” means many things to many people – to us it…


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