Introducing µTorrent 3.2


Greetings, fellow µTorrent users. Just in time for the 4th of July, we’re releasing µTorrent 3.2.0.


2 Random ReTweets + 1 ReGeek Wins a Plus Subscription


Because it’s Friday, we thought we’d do something fun. A one-year Plus subscription for BitTorrent, or our tiny-but-mighty µTorrent client, usually costs $24.95. Today, and over the weekend, you can test your luck in the Twitterverse and get it for free, not to mention fairly easily. All you have to do is ReTweet the following…

Safety for Safety’s Sake


The very, very short version of this post: we’re improving our security to make users even more safe than they were before. Everything is perfectly up to standard now; this is just a proactive move to make things even more secure.


What’s New with µTorrent: Download the Free Kumaré Media Bundle, We’re on Tumblr + More


What’s been going down in µTorrent land? We’ve been enjoying documentaries based on cult-like behavior, creating playlists on Spotify, cruising Tumblr, and more. Read on for the goods…

New Movie Exclusive: Download the Kumaré BitTorrent Bundle


Where do cult leaders come from? What is it about them that inspires (intense) devotion? Are they more spiritual? Or are we just gullible? In our latest BitTorrent Bundle, live today, follow filmmaker Vikram Gandhi as he sets out to discover the secret life of spiritual leaders in the SXSW audience-award winning documentary, Kumaré. Gandhi…


Play Your Torrents Anywhere With µTorrent Plus


Hypothetical scenario:  You have a (completely healthy) obsession with a delightful, animated open-source film.  For the purposes of this blog post, we’ll call this film “Big Buck Bunny”. Let’s say you’ve downloaded the torrent and want to load it on to your iPad so that you can watch that movie anywhere. What do you do? …


24 Hour (BitTorrent) Party People


What you’re looking at is a 24-hour period of BitTorrent usage worldwide. This short movie illustrates over 60 million BitTorrent client check-ins (more and more of you are joining us every day – so we’ll be able to bring you an even brighter one soon), from across the planet, for a single day in January, 2011….


What a Day on µTorrent Looks Like


What does 24 hours of people checking in on BitTorrent and µTorrent look like? See the video above – this represents client check-ins with our servers from the 60 million torrent clients we had out there in January, last year (we’re growing our user base, day by day – so we’ll be able to bring…

How File-Sharing Advances An Artist: BitTorrent & P2P Boost Pretty Lights’ Success


How does peer-to-peer file-sharing advance an artist’s career? Believe it or not, “free” really is associated with some of the best things in life. Read on (thanks, Storify) to find out how DJ Pretty Lights attained a whole new level of profit, success, and exposure for his music by partnering with BitTorrent.


#crowchat Recap from our Twitterview with Counting Crows


In case you missed it, we chatted with Counting Crows’ frontman Adam Duritz for over 3 hours last week. With 70+ questions to sift through and tons of interaction from the band and fans, you better believe there was a lot to talk about. Read on to discover some of the highlights – courtesy of…


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