BitTorrent’s 10th Anniversary & The Internet We Build Next


It may be our company’s 10th anniversary, but we’re just getting started. Ten years ago online feels lightyears away. According to Pew, less than 30% of Americans had broadband Internet access. We thought of connection in terms of desktop and dial up.  We sent emails and instant messages. We went on the web to read….

The Main Event: BitTorrent’s Matt Mason will Debate, then Fight, at Fantastic Fest 2014


Arguing for BitTorrent’s role in distributing films and other media, our own Matt Mason is stepping into the ring for Fantastic Fest 2014. We think BitTorrent is the distribution method of the future. One that will be beneficial to artists and audiences alike. Wanna fight about it? Our own Chief Content Officer, Matt Mason, will…

BitTorrent Bleep Alpha Goes Public, Introduces Mac and Android apps


Private Voice & Text App Opens Test Community to All Interested Parties Communicating with friends, family and coworkers is easier than ever, but at what cost? The Internet promotes the free exchange of information, but we often sacrifice privacy for the sake of convenience. Cloud-based services store personal information and private moments on servers, making…

Pay us for the Slow Lane; or a Call for True Net Neutrality


In the battle over Net Neutrality, the FCC is at the precipice of deciding whether to create an Internet “Fast Lane.” We have an alternative solution to propose, and we believe it can work: instead of a Fast Lane that only the wealthy could afford, ISPs should pay companies to get into the Slow Lane.

Why we’re taking part in the “Internet Slowdown”


Today, BitTorrent stands alongside companies like Etsy, Netflix, Reddit and a host of others to participate in Internet Slowdown day — a visual representation of what the Internet would look like if the FCC abandons Net Neutrality in favor of a prioritized “pay-for-play” system. We stand by these principles in governing the Net: – No…

Friday Download: Moon Taxi Immersion Bundle


Friday Download is dedicated to curating the best download-able objects on the web, courtesy of BitTorrent Bundle Publishers. In this edition of FDL: Moon Taxi goes “animal style”, a bit of everything that you want from the Nashville vanguard. After the release of their breakout album Cabaret in 2012, Moon Taxi remained steadfast on their…

Taking a Stand for Net Neutrality on Internet Slowdown Day, September 10


We are taking action on September 10th as part of Internet Slowdown Day, showing you what life will be like in the Slow Lane. We’ve been front and center in the Net Neutrality discussion since its inception, and we’re not sitting it out now.

Matthew Dear + GE’s Drop Science Bundle hits 1.6MM Downloads


In a first-of-its-kind partnership with GE, The Barbarian Group, and musician Matthew Dear, our latest Bundle explores advertising as art. An advertisement is so much more than it appears to be. The dawning of social media has transformed ads into something more than a picture found in a magazine or a clip in between television…

Staff Picks: Bishop Nehru x MF DOOM


Staff Picks is dedicated to surfacing the best music, film, and art downloads on the Internet; digitally handmade by BitTorrent Publishers. Read on for this week’s finds. In this edition of Staff Picks: a preview of NehruvianDOOM, the new album from Bishop Nehru and MF DOOM. Eighteen year-old Bishop Nehru is quickly climbing the ranks…

Drop Science: Matthew Dear + The Sounds of GE


The world around us is made of music. This is what happens when you listen in. The sound of a passing car. A turbine in the distance. Wind blowing through your hair. The tap of a keyboard. A heart beating. Everything around us is music. It’s not background. It’s life, and it’s larger than life.

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