Why Don’t You Watch This Totally Obscure, 8 1/2 –Hour Long Slovenian Political Chamber Drama?

Some people might have you think that film, as a viable form of both art and entertainment, is dead. Though we may read dirge after dirge, I’ll ask that you not believe all that bullshit. There are plenty of good, unique, and truly original films out there.


First Listen: Kerli Premieres New Single “Racing Time”

The Estonian songstress releases her latest single exclusively for all the Moonchildren. Singer/Songwriter Kerli’s compositions have been gracing our airwaves for years on singles from artists ranging from Demi Lovato to SNBRN.  Today, she offers us another majestic songscape with her new tune “Racing Time”, an ethereal Alice In Wonderland inspired song that crosses lines…


Caveman Drops New Album “Otero War” On BitTorrent Now

The new full length plus four acoustic exclusives from the Brooklyn Quintet. This week, Brooklyn’s Caveman drops Otero War, their third full length album release. Laden with retro vocal slapbacks and pop rock production prowess with Albert Di Fiore (producer) and Michael Brauer (mixing) at the helm, Caveman hit their stride on #3 with an…


Caleb Groh Debuts “Thunder At” Music Video

The Nashville electro-pop songwriter drops his latest visual on BitTorrent Now. For his latest album, Caleb Groh spent two years transforming timbres and tweaking sounds, turning a collection of acoustic tunes into cinematic electro-folk orchestrations. We caught up with Caleb to chat about his album Ocelot and what comes next as he preps the release…



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