Welcome To The Lab

We believe in an open Internet. One where innovation belongs to all, and not some. One where creators and coders are given options. Not rules. Those are lofty statements and big ideals. But here’s a small step in that direction. Today, we’re opening up BitTorrent Labs. It’s an Alpha site for our Alpha projects –…


Featured Content: An Epic Meal Time Video Exclusive

It’s breakfast time in San Francisco. And today, we’re eating LIKE A BOSS. To help launch Epic Meal Time’s new show, Epic Chef, we’re releasing two exclusive videos (and two new tracks) to BitTorrent users. Want sweet, sweet bacon in your face? Of course you do. Download the BitTorrent Bundle, and learn how to make…


Friday Download: In The Words of Dr. King

One year ago today, we won a victory for Internet freedom. One week ago, we lost a hero of the open world. Foundational human rights – equality, expression – are more fragile than they should be. And it’s in this light, and with this knowledge, that we remember and honor the work of civil rights…


Remembering Aaron

This week, we lost a technological pioneer and, more importantly, a friend. Aaron Swartz made a profound impact during his short life and now it’s time to honor his contributions. On Thursday, January 24th, a memorial is being held at the Internet Archive in San Francisco. There are also hackathons being organized around the world…


Friday Download: Across the Universe

Space. All those planets and stars, son. This week, we rummaged through the codes and stacks of the Internet Archive with the universe on our mind. We watched Buckminster Fuller explain it all. We went Around the World in 80 days. We got extraterrestrial with the Grateful Dead. We traveled with Dr. Doolittle. And we…


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