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By Scott McDonald
Curren$y to release The Drive In Theatre as a BitTorrent Bundle on

On February 14, the first full length follow up to New Jet City will be ready for download. Introducing the new Curren$y raps about real life. He releases music directly to fans. He puts out mixtapes when he feels like it. He makes mixtapes that aren’t: part video, part song, part flyer. His crew…


Staff Picks: Duologue – Song and Dance

Staff Picks is dedicated to surfacing the best music, film, and art downloads on the Internet; digitally handmade by BitTorrent Publishers. Read on for this week’s finds Photo via In this week’s Staff Picks: London’s five piece assemble Duologue and their acclaimed debut album, Song and Dance. Song and Dance achieves a sonic complexity…


Tech Talks: Writing High-Performance Software

Originally posted on our engineering blog. BitTorrent Tech Talks are one-hour sessions dedicated to the stuff that keeps us busy / keeps us up at night / keeps us coding. From time to time, we post them here. Because sharing. In this edition of Tech Talks: BitTorrent’s Chief Architect Arvid Norberg describes how modern computers…


Friday Download: Kalanda

Friday Download is dedicated to curating the best download-able objects on the web, courtesy of BitTorrent Bundle for Publishers In this week’s Friday download: a unique documentary film about Donsoya, the knowledge of initiated hunters in Burkina Faso. Kalanda is directed by Lorenzo Ferrarini, an anthropologist based in Manchester UK, who has done extensive research…


Academic Torrents Makes Datasets and Papers Available via BitTorrent

Here are BitTorrent, we believe that science should be open and accessible to all. Which is why we were excited to see Academic Torrents in the wild: A public library of large scientific data sets delivered by BitTorrent to anyone, anywhere. If you’re a researcher, love data, or have a child-like wonder about the world…


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