BitTorrent Bundle Staff Picks: Walking Shapes

Photo Credit: No Shame Walking Shapes is a Brooklyn-based band making music that transcends their city and time, using unconventional structures and visual storytelling to forge a new sound. It’s evocative, electric, and dream-like – songs that move across sonic landscapes; an audio refraction on life in New York. The latest to come from the…


Introduction to BitTorrent Bundle

Vagabonding literature. Multimedia mixtapes. Activist documentaries. Dream music. And over 150 other awesome Internet objects. These are just some of the things we’ve seen built with BitTorrent Bundles. Want to see how it works? Intro to Bundle is a guide to the brave new world of BitTorrent publishing with artist case studies and creative tutorials….


BitTorrent Publishing: How to Drive Traffic to Your Bundle

In September, we opened up BitTorrent Bundle to our first wave of Alpha publishers. Bundle is designed to be a durable (digital) platform for artists: a publishing system that lets you tell better stories; a file format that becomes more valuable, each time it’s shared. As we work on integrating marketing support into the platform,…


BitTorrent Bundle Staff Pick: Mary Gold | Sex Hormone’d Druggie

Mary Gold is the first female artist signed to Curren$y’s Jet Life label. A self-described “nudist, c**t, and treehugger”, it goes without saying that she’s not what you think. In this edition of Staff Picks: a look at the world inside Gold’s Sex Hormone’d Druggie, out last Friday. Download the free Bundle, and unlock the…


BitTorrent Bundle Staff Pick: Vagabonding by Rolf Potts

Staff Picks is dedicated to surfacing the best music, film, and art downloads on the Internet; digitally handmade by BitTorrent Publishers. Read on for this week’s finds. (image from www.vagabondish.com) In this week’s Staff Picks, go vagabonding with award-winning author and shoe-string traveler Rolf Potts. Vagabonding is an unconventional explorer’s guide to the universe; a…


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