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BitTorrent Tech Talks: Young Guru & the Era of the Engineer

The legendary sound engineer and The Sound of New York discusses creative engineering at BitTorrent. Music is navigation. It tells us where we are. It reminds us where we’re from. It anchors us to a moment. And it propels us forward. Change is an audible thing. And if you’re listening – which is one of…


Movember at BitTorrent

December 1st marked the end of BitTorrent’s 3rd year participating in Movember. Movember is a yearly fundraising effort toward prostate cancer research and other men’s health initiatives. The object is simple: start fresh with a clean shave on the 1st of the month, then grow out a moustache that suits you best during the month…


BitTorrent Palooza Report: Hacktober, 2013

For the last few years, we’ve made a point of setting aside two working days every few months for internal hackathons, where anyone within the company can form a team to work on and present an new idea for a product or feature. We call these informal hackathons “Paloozas”. Some of our best ideas and…


BitTorrent Palooza Report: July 2013 (Or, How Stuff Gets Made)

Good ideas can come from anywhere, which is why BitTorrent holds regular hackathons which we here at BitTorrent call a “Palooza.” The basic idea is that we set aside two work days where anyone within company can form a team to work on a new product, feature, internal tool, or general idea. At the end…


Public Enemy is On Tour – Download Their New Single On BitTorrent, Send in Your Remix

Public Enemy is on tour, and as a reminder, you can download the Public Enemy Bundle to receive the group’s new single “Get Up Stand Up.” Opt to unlock the Bundle with your email, and you’ll get even more from the group: the music video, outtakes and an exclusive multitrack. If you’re in the Los…


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