Introducing BitTorrent Surf


For the past six months, we’ve been working on a new web client alpha. Today, we’re excited to invite you to try it. Say hi to Surf. And start downloading content, directly from your browser.


Friday Download: Certain Freedoms


Certain things we take for granted. Certain things we can’t, anymore. Our world; our world wide web, remains challenged by issues of fragmentation and censorship. Our challenge, the one facing each and every one of us, as people of the Internet, remains: how do we hardcode these certain things, these certain freedoms, into our shared…


Distributed Links: Non-Required Reading From Around The Web


[vimeo] Welcome to 2013. They said this was the future. We said we’re not quite ready yet. Procrastinate with us? There’s the art of the old media caption, meta-captured. There are the over 100 online sources for free and legal music curated by Largehearted Boy. There’s the next decade of big/open/networked, from the brains at O’Reilly Radar. There’s some good news…


Saturday Download: Our 2012 Holiday Movie Picks


What’s your favorite galactic holiday special?


Introducing BeamItOver


Today, I’m happy to bring you BeamItOver, the latest project from BitTorrent Torque Labs.


Distributed Links: Non-Required Reading From Around The Web


Fact Over Fiction Dept.: the truth about BitTorrent and piracy. Knowledge Preservation Dept.: artists whose work enters the public domain in 2013. The Final Frontier Dept.: open-sourcing space with Copenhagen Suborbitals. The Visible Web Dept.: a Big Internet Museum. Not open during Brazilian Carnival. The End of the World Dept.: the New Math of End Times. A Message from Us Dept.: What…


It’s That Donatey Time of Year: Help the Internet Archive, EFF + More


It’s that time of the year (y’know, when you throw money at 501c3s to reduce your tax burden). Internet Archive has a generous donor pledging 3x whatever people donate until 12/31, so donating $1 turns into $4 of storage space. IA is kind of a big deal, and is also constantly in need of more…


Does BitTorrent = Piracy?


Well, does it? We hear this question all the time. We hear we’ve killed film, the radio star, and the content industry. We hear we’re the web’s dark matter, and the Internet’s seedy underbelly.

Meet Our Team: Ben Allen


Next year, you’ll see some amazing browser applications based on BitTorrent. Want to know what we’re working on? Well, we can’t give it away yet. But we can introduce you to one of the guys behind web initiatives. Meet Ben Allen. From working in an art gallery to fixing up old motorcycles, Ben found his…

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