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By Scott McDonald
Meet Our Team: David Hilborn

On Thursday, we introduced you to BitTorrent Surf, a new Alpha designed to enable in-browser torrent discovery and download. Today, we’d like you to meet David Hilborn: the guy who managed the release, from whiteboard to real world. Find out more about the team’s inspiration, the journey to Alpha, and what Dave does when he’s…


Installing BitTorrent Surf on Windows 8

Thanks to everyone who’s tried BitTorrent Surf Alpha for all the early input and great feedback. We’re already hard at work addressing some of your questions. First up: Windows 8. Windows 8 restricts NPA APIs from being installed. However, BitTorrent Surf will work with Windows 8. Here’s what you need to do:


Distributed Links: Non-Required Reading From Around The Web

Our first full week back at work. Everything’s CHANGED. In-browser discovery and downloads with our brand-new Surf Alpha. Qualcomm, not Microsoft, keynoted CES and it was a wonder to behold. 4K became the new 3D. Then 8K became the new 4K. 3 Kickstarter films were nominated for Oscars. The human body got hacked. Online courses hit record enrollments. Extraordinary is the new ordinary. Game on.


Introducing BitTorrent Surf

For the past six months, we’ve been working on a new web client alpha. Today, we’re excited to invite you to try it. Say hi to Surf. And start downloading content, directly from your browser.


Friday Download: Certain Freedoms

Certain things we take for granted. Certain things we can’t, anymore. Our world; our world wide web, remains challenged by issues of fragmentation and censorship. Our challenge, the one facing each and every one of us, as people of the Internet, remains: how do we hardcode these certain things, these certain freedoms, into our shared…


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