Too Legit


On September 17th, Musicmetric reported 405 million downloads during the first six months of 2012. In this same period of time, BitTorrent worked with artists to deliver 124,191,863 licensed, legal music downloads; helping emerging and established creators monetize their content through our ecosystem. Click on the image above or here to view a day’s worth of…


What’s New Plus Highlights from the Internet Archive for the Week of 9/10/12


It’s been another eventful week here in BitTorrent land…as per usual. While we found some more interesting content for you, courtesy of the Internet Archive, we also launched a new initiative.


Meet Our Team: Adam Kelly


Sure you love using BitTorrent (or the tiny-yet-mighty client, µTorrent) but how much do you know about the people behind the product? We’ve been growing like crazy and this past Tuesday, we hit a major milestone: 100 employees. For those of you that haven’t hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or the like just…

Highlights from the Internet Archive for the Week of 9/3/12


September is already here. Where did the year go? While some of you are winding down from a nice and relaxing summer, ours is just starting. Say what? Here in San Francisco, we statistically have the nicest weather during this month.


It’s Here. Announcing the Native µTorrent Application for Android.


A while back we introduced µTorrent Remote for Android which allows users to manage their torrents from their phone. We received a lot of great feedback, but the most popular question was:  “When will a fully featured µTorrent Client be available for Android?” For the past few months our engineers have been hard at work…


News You Can Use Plus Highlights from the Internet Archive for the Week of 8/27/12


Every now and then we stumble across something so awesome, so incredible, and generally useful for the community at large, we’d be remiss not to share it with you. Our friends at Wikipedia (seriously, we love the happy hours they throw at their offices and they use the BitTorrent protocol) just launched the “Wiki Loves…


The Click Moment


There’s no one model for media or content anymore. Uncertainty is the norm. Random rules. It’s a scary, but awesome truth: months of strategy, projections and planning are simply not as powerful as single seconds of serendipity, luck and chaos. Author Frans Johansson calls these “click moments.” And we call it an idea we can…

Have You Seen Him


An official selection of Sundance 2012, Stacy Peralta’s Bones Brigade: An Autobiography documents skateboarding’s youth revolution. The ollies. The inverts. The airs. The insecurities. The impossible achievements. It’s the true, untold story of Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Tommy Guerrero, Mike McGill, and the moment skateboarding became skateboarding.


Highlights from the Internet Archive for the week of 8/20/12


We recently partnered with the Internet Archive to help seed over 1.3 million files in their library. That’s a lot of content and we’re here to help showcase some of the highlights that you can torrent, free of charge. Without further ado, here’s our favorite files from this past week.


Speed Up Your File Transfers with Connectify


We’re about to show you a video that’ll change your mind about the speed and reliability of your Internet connection. You’ll witness engineers eating their own dog food. Sounds disgusting, right? Well, it’s not quite what you think. Dogfooding is a techie term used amongst software companies to describe how their developers demonstrate the competency…

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